It All Began With a Cha-Ching!

It’s November 2nd, 2016. I had just begun my first Shopify store – a line of adorable baby accessories – but the sales weren’t rolling in. I was going the YouTube tutorial route, just kinda wingin’ it. And we know how that goes… I put my heart and sweat into it, day in, day out, but with no results.
I was getting discouraged, fast.

My mission is simple: to get those sweet order notifications rolling for you, too. To help you build a profitable, successful ecommerce business - and to get your passion out to the world!

Suddenly, that night, I was startled awake at 2:39 am by a loud noise. Bleary eyed, I stumbled for my phone when I realized what that noise was… my very first cha-ching!

Across the board, I’ve seen a pattern: it’s the people who sell something they’re passionate about, that are most successful and happy. 

There’s no secrets here - the entrepreneurial life is hard work! But selling something that you created, or sourced, or are absolutely in love with - that makes building and marketing your brand SO much easier, enjoyable, and more lucrative in the long run.

What we do:

We are a small boutique agency offering a variety of services for passionate ecommerce store owners. Our goal is to help you launch, grow, and scale your business - and be there for you throughout.

We generally start with a Shopify Website Build or Revamp, to make sure your website is strategically designed, branded, and optimized for conversions. 

Start with Shopify Website Build

Manage Your Paid Advertising

Then, we can stay on to manage your Paid Advertising on multiple channels, offer Ongoing Shopify Support, and set up your Analytics & Pixels.

our approach:

Strategic Consulting

We also offer Strategic Consulting, marketing team training, and education for the entire ecommerce community.

meet the founder

Here at Ecom Queens, I offer the services I wish I had for my own startup. Because sometimes, a YouTube tutorial just doesn’t cut it.

You may know me as Bracha, and that’s fine too! I’m the Founder of Ecom Queens, a certified Shopify Expert, and a Digital Marketing Strategist. I’m also a proud wife and Mom of an adorable baby boy. And yes, I live in Queens, NY.

Hey there, 
I'm Brenda!

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I love all. things. business.

I’ve tested all sorts of online selling, from Print on Demand, Merch by Amazon, digital products, physical products, drop shipping, white labeling, affiliate marketing, online courses, and more!

I’ve also had the privilege of working with a wide range of different companies, from solo startups to multi-million dollar enterprises, helping them maximize and grow their online business.

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“Bracha is the most hardworking and caring professional who really gives her all into making her clients happy.”


So they say:

let's work together

Let’s talk and see how we can make those business dreams of yours come true!
Cheers to many more cha-chings!

Did we just become best friends?